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This is the resource section of the site comprising of different articles covering a wide range of topics relating to all aspects of grey parrots. We frequently publish contributors content, if you would like to contribute please fly here


Review of Parrot Training Program

How disability affects my life with Poppet - Author: A.Grey 16/03/08

Well my life began with Poppet on the 16 th September 2007, I have always loved parrots and it was wonderful that I now had one of my own. Read More

Grey Parrot Ownership Quiz - 28/04/07

It is vital that before you purchase an African Grey Parrot you are ready for the commitment and appreciate what is involved in taking good care of such a majestic bird. Take this quiz to find out whether you are ready to provide a home for an African Grey Parrot

MSN Messenger Parrot Emoticons - 22/04/07

Get some parrot emoticons for MSN messenger and share with friends

Parrot game (Polly the Kleptomaniac Parrot) - 20/04/07

A bit of light hearted fun! This parrot is a little bit scary!

Grey Parrots Subspecies, Congo and Timneh - 20/04/07

Short excerpt on the general classification of the subspecies of grey parrots.

Five Grey Parrot Facts - 20/04/07

Five interesting grey parrot facts you may or may not have known!

Build an origami African Grey Parrot! - 16/04/07

Have fun having a go at building an origami African Grey Parrot! All you need is a bit of paper and a healthy dose of patience!

African Grey Parrot Cages - Danyaals - 22/03/07

It is so important that your African Grey Parrot is housed properly. This article gives excellent insight into appropriate cages for African Grey Parrots. Also has some excellent advice for the environment that you set up for your grey parrot.

A note on buying wild caught African Grey Parrots - 20/03/07

A Collection of African Grey Parrot Keeping Tips - 20/03/07

Life After Polly: the Life Commitment of African Grey Ownership, and Things You Should Think About Before     Buying a Bird Competition Winner - Author: Laura 11/02/07
The Grey Encounter Competition Entry - Author: Lucky 11/02/07
Feather Plucking: A Major Problem for the African Grey Parrot - 05/01/07
Knowing Your African Grey Parrot - 05/01/07
Interacting with your African Grey Parrot - 12/12/06

African Grey Parrot Bird Care - 08/07/07

Criterion for Purchasing an African Grey Parrot - 24/05/06

The fire side - Last Shout - recent operation to rescue an African Grey parrot - 13/05/06
Abramovich parrot is feeling the blues - 02/05/05
Parrot plumage has exclusive pigmentation - 05/04/05
Noisy Grey Parrot:  What To Do About A Noisy Parrot - 17/03/05

Alex - 17/03/05

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