How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Cost?

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If you are currently researching information on African Grey parrots then you have come to the right place! It’s great that you are trying to learn more about these wonderful birds. But one of the main questions at the forefront of every person wanting to buy one is ‘how much does an African Grey parrot cost?’.

To answer your question simply, you are going to be spending anywhere from $1500-$3500 to purchase an African Grey parrot.

The range of cost depends upon the breeder, age, the appearance of the bird, and the sub-species (Congo or Timneh). However, this isn’t the only cost associated with purchasing a pet parrot, as you will need food, housing, toys, and a whole bunch of other things we will get into in this article.

Why are African Greys so expensive?

When we talk about the price of an African Grey, we need to remember that there are other costs involved. The reason this particular species of bird is so expensive is due to the process involved in certification and obtaining legal ownership of this rare species. There are also other associated costs, such as healthcare, insurance, maintenance, and upbringing costs. Raising a bird is not cheap! But we think it’s well worth it.

Remember, this bird will likely live for 50+ years and become a real member of your family.

Why are African Greys so sought after?

African Grey Parrots are considered to be the most intelligent, charming, and brilliant species of talking bird amongst all of the parrots.

They have an outstanding ability to mimic sounds, talk and sing almost anything a human can say. This gives the African Grey a great reputation amongst pet bird enthusiasts.

Living for over 50 years, these pet birds will be a life long companion, they are smart, great talkers and love the full attention of any owner.

They really love attention, so much so that they shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time, as an owner you need to get used to spending considerable amounts of time with your bird. Giving them all of the loving care and attention they need. It really is like having a child around the house!

African Greys are also considered one of the most sensitive pet parrots you can buy. What we mean by this, is that they require great detail of care and crave a routine. Any slight change in their daily routine, feeding schedule or playtime will result in the parrot becoming bored and picking up behavioural issues.

Closing Thoughts

The African Grey Parrot cost is increasing year on year due to the species being poached in the wild. This makes the legal aspects of getting one to raise captive is getting more costly and complicated. But if you seek out a reputable breeder or pet store then it’s easily done.

The price of an African Grey parrot can be high when compared to other pets, but in our opinion they are worth every penny. And to be honest, you shouldn’t get a pet because it’s ‘cheap’, you should purchase a pet because you love and want to provide the best care for them possible.

African Grey’s live a long time, they are highly energetic and incredibly smart. You are purchasing another member of the family, not just a pet bird.

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