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Teach your parrot to talk 

Teach Your Parrot how to talk - Teaching Pet Birds to talk

Teaching Your Pet Parrot or Bird or how talk can be a difficult task, but not with this ebook guide. Discover how to make your pet bird mimic telephone ringing, favourite sayings and more !

Choosing a young male will give you the best opportunity of having a talking bird as they are generally the most talkative. Teaching a parrot to talk takes patience but is well worth the effort. Parrots are individuals, each with different talents and interests.

The only way that you can be guaranteed of getting a talking parrot to talk is by purchasing an already trained one. Talking ability should be one of the lesser reasons to purchase a pet bird. You should choose your parrrot for its personality and how it reacts to you ie. if you feel a special bond.

Close to 95% of pet birds purchased in the United States are given up in the first two years primarily because the bird doesn’t live up to unrealistic expectations ie. it does not speak. Be realistic about what your bird can learn and conduct research on your species and see if the pet bird is a talker.

There are many breeders who are hand-feeding the popular species and you may be fortunate enough to be find a baby parrot that has already learned a few words which will make teaching it to talk much easier for you.

If you can obtain a domestic-bred bird already attempting to mimic speech, youhave a great candidate for talk training. When selecting a parrot, the most important criteria are good health. It is advised that you get a qualified veterinarian to give your parrot or bird a clean bill of health before your final purchase.

This ebook covers a wealth of topics from:

Where to buy your parrot

Establishing a relationship with your Bird

Setting up the best environment for your bird

Nitty Gritty on getting your parrot or bird to talk

Reproducing Human Speech for Parrots / Birds

Bird Psychology

Intrinsic Rewards

and the priceless actions plans you must follow to sure that you can teach your parrot to talk!

If you want to educate yourself on teaching your parrot or pet bird how to speak then look no further than this informative e-book.

Teach your parrot to talk today!

Buy now for only $4.95

You will receive your new e-book within 48 hours






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