Timneh Grey

The Timneh Grey is a medium-sized parrot which can mainly be found in a small region of West Africa such as Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Mali. Typically, the Timneh Grey grows to an average length of 13 inches and can weigh around 13 ounces.

Timneh Grey

Majority of Timneh Greys inhabit humid, tropical forests but these incredible birds have unfortunately suffered due to illegal poachers and the ever expanding loss of habitat. Due to this, Timneh Greys are now considered endangered but due to tightening of laws and restrictions we are seeing an increase in population. Although Timneh Greys are endangered, they can be found easily as pets.

Where is the timneh african grey from?

From looking at pictures of Timneh Greys, you may not be able to tell the difference between them and the Congo Grey immediately. When compared, the Timneh Grey is visibly smaller as well as being much darker in colour. The body is almost completely dark grey with a few lighter gradients on the bottom, legs and around the eyes.

Two distinct features are the unique dark red colour of their tail and the colour of their beak which is a paler, skin type tone. It is difficult to distinguish between males and females and more often than not owners are mistaken and can end up with their ‘male’ pet laying a few eggs.